Carl Aaby
+47 22226288
Kjelsaasvn 26, 0488 Oslo, Norway
Photo of Carl

Hey! I'm Carl, one of the programmers in Triumph. I live in Norway's capital, Oslo. At last I am fininshed with my education (I got a Cand. Scient degree i March 99, it's more or less the same as a Master degree), so no I work at a company called Avenir.

My computer:

I have been programming the Amiga for about 7 years now. First I started with a A500, but now I have a 040/40 based Amiga 4000, with a 4meg CV3D with Scandoubler, a CD-ROM player, about 1 GB HD space and a really shitty monitor, which I hope to replace with a better one some time soon.

What to do with a computer:

As I have been programming for more than 12 years, I have got to learn a quite few languages. These include C, 680x0 assembly, Simula, Ml, Basic, BlitzBasic, Comal,Beta and also some Prolog, Ada, Modula2, Java, C++, Lisp and Pascal.
On the Amiga I mainly program in assembly and C, but I also use it for Word processing, different forms of entertainment and all sorts of other things were I find a home computer useful.

My projects:

Demos and intros I have done

Projects I have done in cooperation with Nils Corneliusen:
KinderGarden intro - 2nd place at Kindergarden 1998, 40K intro competition
Eclipse - 4th place at The Gathering 1997, demo compo
Dreamscape - 2nd place at The Gathering 1996, demo compo
Speed - 5th place at The Gathering 1995, intro compo
Invention - 4th place at The Gathering 1994, intro compo
Projects I have done in cooperation with Olav Kalgraf:
No Temptations - 1st place (1992?), demo compo
Projects I have done myself:
2kIntro - 1st place at Kindergarden 1996, 2k intro compo
Intuitracker Intro - The Gathering 1993, No compo
Interference Intro - 1992
Hotline Intro - 1991

Other productions

Trainers I have made:
Megabreathless - A trainer for the game Breathless
DeLuxeGalaga - A trainer for the game DeLuxeGalaga

I have also made a nearly finished replayer.library together with Nils, but we never got to finish that one.

Some games and comercial programms have been cracked and released under the Triumph label by me, but I will NOT do that no more. The Amiga need commercial developers, and if you want a game or a program, then buy it. We need to keep the few Amiga developers that is left alive.

Comming projects:

I am going to make a music demo together with Kim Berg , and I hope to have it finished somewhere in time. It all depends on the design Cobolt is supposed to do, but I have not seen anything of i yet. Also, I am probably going to make more intros for next Kindergarden, and even a demo if I feel like it. And if I get an idea for a utility that I think will be useful, I might even make that too.

Other stuff

I also use some of my spare time to shoot with my 9mm Tanfoglio pistol, and you might meet me at Oslo Skytesenter sometimes.