The Triumph demo Eclipse came 4th in the demo competition at The Gathering 1997.

Download section

Download Eclipse (5Mb)
Download "Cuique Suum Reddit" (350Kb) The first module
Download "Synaptic Gap" (150Kb) The second module

System requirements

Machine: Amiga :-)
Chipset: AGA
Processor: 68020+, 040/25 recommended
Memory: 2mb chipram & 8mb fastram (free)
HD space: Needs 5Mb, can not be run from disks
Recommended: 68040/25
Tested on: Most configurations from 020/14 to 060/50

The credits

Code by: Nils "Darkman" Corneliusen & Carl "Smeagol" Aaby
Music by:Kim "Cobolt" Berg
Gfx by: Morten Johnsen & Ivan Moen