The Intro

The Triumph intro Speed came 5th in the intro competition at The Gathering 1995.

Speed includes a full featured raytracer which precalculates anims while showing the one already calculated. The raytracer can do shadows and reflections and supports standard shapes like spheres and triangles.

Speed needs a math coprocessor like the 68882 to run. However, the speed will really suck on a 030/882 setup. Use a 040 for best results (or any results at all ;-).

Download section

Download Speed!

System requirements

Machine: Amiga :-)
Processor: 68030/68882, 040/25 recommended!
Memory: 2mb chipram, 4Mb Fastram
Tested on: A4000/040, A4000/030/882 25mhz (sucks!)

Code by:

Nils "Darkman" Corneliusen (Corneliusen@triumph.no) &
Carl "Smeagol" Aaby (Carl.Aaby@triumph.no)

Raytracer by:

Per "Quark" Ødegård (perod@ifi.uio.no)

Music by:

Kent "Flash" Bakke

Red Atom

Objects: Stig Arne Olsen (Stig.A.Olsen@hydro.hda.no)

The glass spheres rotate around the center sphere, making all kinds of interesting shadows and reflections.

Blue Spheres

Objects: Stig Arne Olsen (Stig.A.Olsen@hydro.hda.no)

The blue spheres rotate around a glass sphere, while making nice reflections. This part was added because it reminded me of a similar effect in an old demo, and it looked really nice.

The Juggler

Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)

An attempt to recreate the famous juggler anim. The juggler keeps the 4 spheres in the air while tracking them with his eyes! Note the nice reflections of the spheres in his body.

Spheres with multiple lightsources

Objects: Stig Arne Olsen (Stig.A.Olsen@hydro.hda.no)

The best part of the intro, which was never shown because the arrangers decided to cut the intro short for some reason :-(. The spheres have 3 different lightsources which blend into each other. Also, the spheres move into each other and overlap with no clipping problems at all.

Triumph Logo

Objects: Stig Arne Olsen (Stig.A.Olsen@hydro.hda.no)

This is actually the final still picture showing off how nice real shadows look.