Kim Berg
Cobolt 69
+47 918 60 413
Geitmyrsveien 31/13, 171 Oslo, Norway
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Lysassistent Ledig for oppdrag!

Art by H.R.Giger
Who Am I?

The Man

Hi, I am the only musician in Triumph, I'm 24 years old. Living in a flat at St.Hanshaugen in Oslo, Norway. Born in FlorÝ and raised in Verdal, where Holy Olav Haraldsson the viking king was killed fighting to christen the land.

Some of my spare time is spent in front of either my Amiga and it's fine platform, or the crappy Virus 95 PC because a mistake has happened. Life's a bore at the time.... I'll write something interesting here when it happens.....

Art by H.R.Giger
The Success Continues...

Triumphant Living

Being in Triumph as the only musician works in a strange sort of way, itís good on one hand, where I donít have the competetive stress of another musician. And bad for exactly the same reason. The main problem I have as a musician in Triumph, - is that I am producing at a faster rate than our renowned coders...:-) Check out their fantastic productions here

The Products

My part in Triumph Software started out as a logo and font designer, around 1991, when me and Carl 'Smeagol' Henrik Aaby were admittet. However the times changed and competition got too hard. And we really do have the best designers in Triumph anyway! So I turned to the ProTracker instead. Which seems to be working out. The others seem pleased at least :-) I havenít been making modules on a group (Triumph) basis for more than a couple of years. However I hope to get better as time goes by. Make sure you check out my modules from the DreamScape & Eclipse demoís.

Art by H.R.Giger
How Does He Go About?

The Tools

I've been in the possesion of an Amiga since 1988. It's fortunatley not the same one. Now there`s A1200/030 with 2,1Gb HD. I also use a really old sampler (1989?), but I seem to manage...don't I?
When I sample I usually just take stuff from CD's or horror-movies, but I've also sampled my personal favorites from the S4 QuadraSynth. In early times I unfortunatley was ripping samples, but you need to start somehow, right? This is why you may rip all samples I sampled myself. Endulge!


The Music

The music I make for Triumph is usually hard/commercial techno, however in-between I try to make more "real" oriented tracks. It's really demanding to work with no special resources except CD's, though. Otherwise I'm open to try making any kind of music.

Art by H.R.Giger
Finally Down To Business...


Cuique Suum Reddit - time 3:55 - a hard-core techno tune. Demo at 4th at Gathering 97.
(Made 26/11-96 size 484kb)

Synaptic Gap II - time 7:24 - Only the last part was used in the demo.
(Made 14/5-95 size 469kb.) Full version.


Necrodance - a hard techno-tune. Demo ended 2nd place at the Gathering 96.
(Made 25/4-95 size 296kb)

Music compoetition:

C9H13N_pt.2 - time 3:23 - commercial Goa-trance. Winner of the KinderGarden 98.
(Made 5/9-98 size 634kb)

The Sicilian Clan , time 4:13 - original by Ennio Morricone. 5th at the Kindergarten 97.
(Made 24/3-97. Size 439kb.)

Ad Inferos - time 3:28. 4th at the Kindergartení96. (Not techno.)
(Made 5/8-96, size 296kb.)

Previously unreleased:

Ordo Ab Sanguis , time 2:44 - a commercial techno-tune.
(Made 25/7-97. Size 412kb.)

Tivoli , loops - Really short mod with accordions and organs.
(Made 2/6-97. Size 66kb.)

Vox Indefessa , time 1:20 before loop - an upbeat happy thing. Introtune?
(Made 29/5-97. Size 191kb.)

Mouth Of Madness , time 3:40 - Techno.
(Made 23/9-95. Size 376kb. )

Jazz Jammin II , time 2:55 - a commercial jazzy thing...well just check it out.
(Made 22/10-93. Size 104kb. )

All music is copyright © 1993-1998 Triumph Software & BeelzeBerg Productions.
All Rights Reserved.
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These are the actual .mod sizes, however they are packed with lha.
The modules will NOT be played correctly using a PC!
The module-list will be updated as soon as the mods are released.
All modules are in 8-bit 4 channel ProTracker format and may be played with any modplayer both for the renouned Amiga and the PC.
The modules may be used in your productions, however you MUST give COBOLT 69 & Triumph Software credit for the work.
Feel free to rip samples from the mods, where I have specified that they are my own!

Art by H.R.Giger
Get In Touch With Me!

Modules for your productions?

If you and your group need a custom made module for your production, send me a sample of your previous productions, and type of music desired, and I will reply as soon as I can.
Send to : BeelzeBerg Productions, Geitmyrsvn.31/13, N-171 Oslo, Norway or mail me!


Musicians, and other Amiga freaks, contact me for just about any reason at all. Please download my mods and tell me what you think. Criticism good or bad, itís all very welcome.

Art by H.R.Giger
What Else?

The Movies

Besides the obvious Amiga, I am really into splatter and horror movies. With the likes of Dario Argento as the favourite. Although I'm having trouble getting his movies in their original format (wide-screen) and length. So if you can help me please donít hesitate to contact me!

The Music

My musical taste goes first and foremost to the likes of KISS , which have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Therefore my preference is divided into two sections; KISS and the others. The others being Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn's Naked City, Ministry, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, lots of the 70's rock bands, and all the typical 80's heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, WASP etc. For the latest in KISS news, merchandise, photos and more, check out the KISS Asylum. Also check this out.... The Breakfast Conspiracy.

The Killers

I also have this abnormal urge to learn more about serial killers and mass murderers such as John Wayne Gacy - the killer pogo clown, Zodiac - the still not caught slayer, and Charles Manson - well, you know this one ?. Learn more about these fascinating people and their doing or undoing. See the inside of their minds, with the click of a button.

The Friends

Make sure you visit my friends homepages : Karianne Bottenvik, who is my half sister. Morten Berg, for stuff on The Breakfast Conspiracy and Newcastle football club. Also check out Christian Mathisen for unique pictures of KISS and Tottenham football club.

Also make sure you check out H.R.Giger's official site!

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