Ivan Andre' Moen
Photo of Ivan

Hi fellow netsurfers. My name is Ivan A. Moen, and welcome to my spot on the Triumph web page. On this page you`ll find various information about my strange world ;-) Enjoy it!

First of all I would like to tell the world that Morten Iversen is a piece of shit... ;)

I have two wonderful kids, Vanja and Rino. They both live with their mother here in Horten, so I get to see them a lot. Under the Activities section you will find out more about my interests and what I do on my spare time.


My task in Triumph is graphic design. Mostly I work together with my good friend and colleague Morten Johnsen. We both specialize in 3D computer animations. (Check out the Productions/Animations page.) Here are some of the images/animations I have created:
(BTW: I also did the design for this internet web-site.)

In the good (???) old days, I only used the Amiga to create all my graphics. I`ve had A500, A2000, A3000 & A4000, but nowadays they don't come close too the power and tools I have at my fingertips. Since I started my own business, I`ve sold my Amiga's and only play with the computers at work. At the office we have 3 Pentium Pro's running Windows NT. The software I mostly use is Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, Macromedia Director & Macromedia Dreamweaver.