Modules from Triumph Software

We have made several modules which is available on the net. All these modules are available through Aminet so the files will be downloaded from Aminet's main site, Wuarchive.
They are all in the "Lha" archive-format.

Modules by Kim "Cobolt" Berg

Commercial Goa-Trance. Winner mod of Kindergarden 1998
Cuique Suum Reddit
The firstmodule from the Eclipse-demo.
Synaptic Gap II (Edit)
The second module from the Eclipse-demo.
Synaptic Gap II
The complete version of this module.
The module from the Dreamscape-demo.
Ordo Ab Sanguis
. Techno module.
Mouth Of Madness
. Techno module.
Ad Inferos.
A mystical atmospheric module.
Vox Indefessa.
Short happy thing.
Jazz JamminII.
A jazzy module.
Vox Indefessa.
An upbeat happy module.
Really short mod with accordions and organs.
The Sicilian Clan.
Authors enterpretation of a theme-melody from the famous `Godfather` movies.

Modules by Alexander "Hellraiser" Marthinsen.

Pan A latin-inspired module by Hellraiser.
Rotation Slow tempo module by Hellraiser.
Silent Move ProTracker module by Hellraiser.
Surburban Life One of the last modules Hellraiser made.
Atlantis (Ice) Great module by Hellraiser, won several music-competitions.
Cat In My Microwave Old ProTracker module by Hellraiser of Triumph
The Band Theme Old ProTracker module by Hellraiser of Triumph

Modules by "Clyde".

Ballad Old ProTracker module by Clyde of Triumph

We will make more modules available as soon as they are released in a product.