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About MAME

MAME is as the name suggest an emulator for a lot different arcade games. It's a big project with a lot of contributers. The official homepage for the project is

This is the homepage for the Amiga version of MAME. The Amiga port is made by Mats Eirik Hansen with contributions from Trond Werner Hansen (CGXHooks), Mikael Kalms (chunky to planar routine) and Řyvind Falch (Installer script).

From version 0.33.8 it's possible for every single game to have it's own configuration. This configuration will be stored on exit so it's available next time MAME is started. To reduce the work needed for configuration there are two configurations that is used as defaults. One configuration is for the bitmap based games and one is for the vector based games. For every there's a master switch that chooses between using the default configuration or the games own configuration. The usage of two different default configurations and MAMEs ability to pick the best screenmode suited for the game keeps the comnfiguration needed to a minimum.


When the GUI is opened the list of games is the object controlled by the keyboard so you can find a game fast with the cursor keys and just press enter to start the game.

MAME has good support for both CyberGraphX and AGA. It includes a custom chunky to planar routine (by Mikael Kalms) that is used for all display depths and it supports both double and triple buffering.

1943 running in a window on Workbench.

It's also possible to snapshot the screen and save it as an IFF ILBM while playing.

Ghouls'n'Ghosts running on a custom screen.

For sound output it's possible to use either standard audio.device or AHI for playing all channels.

MAME can be played with the use of keyboard only but there's support for both one and two joysticks. It's also possible to use a CD32 joypad and all its buttons are supported. For games that used a trackball or an other kind of analog input in the arcades the mouse support gives the best result.

Last Resort
NeoGeo driver in running Last Resort.

The drawback with all this is that MAME is huge and requires a fast machine to be of any use. But RAM is cheap and it's another excuse for getting a PowerPC.


mame060_0.35.12.lha 68060 binary 0.35.12 2278K
mameppc_0.35.12.lha PowerUP binary 0.35.12 3304K
mamesrc_0.35.12.lha Amiga source 0.35.12 387K
mame040_0.34.3a.lha 68040 binary 0.34.3a 1655K
mame030_0.34.3a.lha 68030 binary 0.34.3a 1657K
mame040_0.26.1.lha 68040 binary 0.26.1 326K
mame030_0.26.1.lha 68030 binary 0.26.1 327K

MAME is Copyright © 1997-1999 by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team.