ADProRunner from Triumph Software

ADProRunner is Freeware.

This program is freeware, this means that you can copy it freely as long as you don't ask for any more money for it than a nominal fee for copying. If you want to distribute this program you should keep this document with it. This program cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission from the author. Special permission is hereby granted to include MagicSelector in Public-Domain collections such as Fred Fish's Amiga Library, Aminet CD ROMS, etc.


What is ADProRunner?

ADPro is a great program, but it requires much memory. Sometimes you need 3 MB or more to convert a picture. It is however possible to specify memory-usage in the ADPro icon or from shell.

If you do not specify memory size, ADPro takes the largest free hunk of memory, and leaves you with only small hunks left. This may result in loaders, savers and operators beeing loaded into chip memory, which is dead slow on an accelerated Amiga.

I created ADProRunner to control ADPro's memory usage when starting ADPro from WorkBench. With ADProRunner it is easy to specify the amount of memory each time you start ADPro.

ADProRunnerV1_8.lha is the latest version available from Aminet.

ADProRunner software and documentation are � 1994-1995 by �yvind Falch, Triumph Software. All rights reserved.