14-05-99 Updated MAME to Version 0.35.12.
29-04-99 Updated MAME to Version 0.35.11.
25-11-98 Triumph got 2nd place in the intro-competition with "Kindergarden Intro", and won the 4 channel music-competition with Kim "Cobolt69" Berg's entry "C9H13N" at the Kindergarden'98. Go to the Music page to download the module.
21-09-98 Updated MAME to Version 0.34.3a.
24-08-98 Updated MAME to Version 0.34.1.
09-08-98 Released a new version of MAME. MAME is as the name suggest an emulator for a lot different arcade games. Goto the Mame page for more information.
06-07-98 Released ACDSee2Filenote. This program convert an ACDSee description file (descript.ion) to standard Amiga filenote. Goto the ACDSee2Filenote page for more information.
19-06-98 Released the sourcecode for the first part of the No Temptations demo. Go to the demo page for download.
08-02-98 Added some old modules from earlier Triumph Members. Check out the music page for download.
19-12-97 Released some modules from Kim 'Cobolt' Berg. Check out the music page for download.
04-10-97 Released version 1.10 of InstallerFX.
17-09-97 Released version 1.1 of XingPlay.
Released the Breathless trainer - MegaBreathless.
A new Triumph product: InstallerFX, Graphical addon for Commodore Installer.
Triumph moved to :-) Updating and redesigning www pages!.
Triumph got the 2nd place in the Wildcompo at TG97, with their contribution 'The Wobblers'. Page coming up soon.
We welcome another new Triumph member. Lars Haugseth (Perplex).
A new Triumph product has come to life. XingPlay, the fastest mpeg player on Amiga yet.
Released Eclipse. 4th place at The Gathering 97,
We welcome a new Triumph member. Trond Hansen the author of the soon coming WorkbenchNG
Released 2K intro from Kindergarten. (Winner).
Released SpaceBattle Xing MPEG animation for the public.



09-03-01 Removed the guestbook, since started charging money. Have to put the old one back rsn. (Nilz)
08-11-00 Fixed the guestbook, moved it somewhere else at last! Fixed some typos. Updated my page. (Nilz)
31-05-00 Removed webpages for Interference BBS. The BBS does not exists anymore
31-05-00 Lennart Berg is not a member of Triumph anymore and his pages is removed from the site.
26-04-99 Updated the member page for Carl
19-04-99 Updated the member page for Ivan
13-04-99 Updated the member page for Nils
29-03-99 Updated the member page for Oeyvind
09-02-99 A small update for the demo page.
30-01-99 Updated some graphics, just look at the cool new headlines. Included a 'Guestbook' button in the left main menu. A lot of internal changes. All filenames are in lowercase now.
04-12-98 Updated the demo page with the 64K intro from Kindergarden. 
25-11-98 Updated Kim "Cobolt69" Berg's homepage, and the Music page with new releases, check them out.
30-09-98 Redesigned Carl's homepage.
24-08-98 Updated ACDSee2Filenote Page.
10-02-98 Added group history to the index page.
19-12-97 Added homepage for Kim, fixed all the download links. Updated music page with newly released modules. Also made Xingplay available for download.
07-11-97 Information on Birdie, a hack that gives patterns in window borders for cgx 3 users, has been added.
06-10-97 The frames did not show correctly under IE 4.0. This is now fixed.
18-09-97 Fixed some links and stuff.


The Triumph homepage has got a completely new design courtesy of Ivan Moen and Morten Johnsen.


We have released the MegaBreathless trainer, and added it to the homepage.


Triumph homepage moved to :-).


Trimmed the demo page up a little.


Updated the news section with 'The Wobblers'. Fixed links to non existing pages.


Included a new member, Lars Haugseth (Perplex). Fixed some small bugs.


Added supportpage for Xingplay. Also made the index page a little more informative.
01-04-97 We got a new member, Trond Hansen, and his product WorkbenchNG. Also added the new demo Eclipse which also has its own page. Check it out, it's really great.
14-03-97 Fixed som images and markerdots to work with IBrowse. Fixed the link or the crusaders story in the Dreamscape page. Made the spaceship in the gfx page lighter to make image more clear.
08-03-97 Added this history option. All links are now softlinks. Added image for leppedykkerdemo and selector.